How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

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This is an App that gives a user a chance to cloud back up their data while also giving them a chance to recover deleted files that one accidentally deletes from an android device. The software works as a recycle bin on PC in the sense that all the files you remove will go into the software.
It generally works well with video and images, but it works with documents, HTML, and APK files as well. Files can be removed manually from the software’s memory or can even be set to empty the memory after some time.

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Stay powered by DiskDigger installed on your Android devices. It provides premium picture and video file recovery system. It comes with a widely accessible UI and runs on almost all upgraded Android devices. The support photo recovery app for your Android device is capable of recovering deleted photos and video files if the requirements are fulfilled. No matter what kind of storage, DiskDigger works just fine. It gets regular updates for efficient data scanning. It does not take much system resources, and the size of the install is surprisingly small.

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Download DiskDigger photo recovery App.

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